Meditation classes are for all level (beginner & advanced) currently are not taking place. I am certainly happy to teach private lessons, or group courses.

We will be meditating together for about 45 minutes, including an introduction.

Workshop - Date open

Topic: Relaxing with Yoga Nidra and Meditation
Title: Quit to muse

You probably know the feeling, when you lay in your bed and you can't fall asleep, because your brain is busy thinking. Your thoughts are circling and the musing is not stopping. Your head is spinning!

When you have a thought your brain is saving this sentence. So you will remember this thought.

But there is no hard drive in our head, which can be rewritten over and over, like a computer. Rather we save our thoughts biological, such as synapses. Each and every of your thoughts grow and create new neurological connections in your brain, exact the second when you think that thought.

Constant sorrowful thinking, matching strong negative emotions leads to structure change of your brain.

Outlook to the workshop:
Try to monitor your thoughts, always, when you realise it. Check where you are with your brain. That is absolute basics to start meditation, but also that these techniques will succeed.

At the workshop I will introduce you to a number of techniques, which you will be able to try right away. This way you will know what is the most suitable for you. And you will be prepared, next time when your head is spinning, at home. If it is not possible to exercise on your own, I will be able to give you a number of ideas and even some exercises from the internet, which will help you.

These techniques seem healing for body and soul, by reducing stress and strengthening the immune system. Not only the muscles relax, also the emotional and mental strains will be reduced and lead to calm and balance. The exercises are guidance for apperception of each body part, the breath, the emotions and sensation and individual visualisation.


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