Yoga & Meditation

Single and group lessons

To find out whether Yoga or Meditation (or both) is more suitable for you, I gladly discuss and advice you. 

Yoga means unity or harmony. Yoga contains pranayama - breathing, Mandalas, wonderful equal shapes. Meditation and Mantra singing also belongs to yoga. I found myself in yoga asanas, physical exercises and in the meditation. The yoga practice is called asanas, each position is one asana. For example on the right, you see downward facing dog (short downward dog). 

2017 I completed my yoga teaching (BYV) / (EFYTA). I practise since about twenty years. This timeout means so much to me. I can get my body in shape, not only from the outside, but more importantly from the inside, muscles, shoulders, feet - everything. Despite the physical exercice you feel afterwards relaxed and recovered. With yoga you can reach so much, physically and mentally. Yoga is a healing system which can recover or adjust, can help with pain, or help with your flexibility, or with the flu. The benefits are countless.

I offer the following yoga styles:

  • Yoga Nidra
  • Vinyasa Yoga / Shiva Ray / Flow Yoga
  • Power Yoga

  • Hatha Yoga


Not speaking, not thinking, not action. Meditation is for most people too hard to learn. But it is actually quite easy, not at first, but the more you try, the less it will work. The effort pays off. You don't have to be religious or esoteric, to benefit from the soul training.

Mindfulness is derived from a Buddhist and Hindu tradition fitted to west culture meditation technique. The goal is to bring the attention to the moment, as well as the inner and outward sequences. These have to be realised impartial and experience thoughts and feelings as temporary event. Thereby the risk to be overwhelmed by stress emotions will be reduced.

At the beginning meditation was very hard for me, to just sit there and think about nothing. The more you try not to think, the more your brain starts processing. Trust me. But with a few simple tricks and exercises it is possible for everyone to learn.

My strong point is to interlace mediation into the daily routine, whether in the crowded tram or in breaks during work, even with grouch children.

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